November 30, 2009 - On Paula Flowers leaving the 3rd District race:
"I want to congratulate Ms. Flowers for a well run campaign. I understand completely the strain that a campaign can put on a candidates family life. I commend her for her willingness to serve in public life and for ultimately putting her family first when that public service interfered with the best interest of her family. I believe she would have made a fine Congress Women and I wish her and her family all the best."


December 10, 2009
I have decided that it is in my best interests not to run for Congress at this time. This is a difficult decision for me, but I have always believed family comes first. My mother is facing serious health issues which have and will demand my attention. My wife, daughters and I need to be there for her, and as a family oriented son and father I think it is best for me to give all of my time to my family, my mother, and my work. My mother was there for me through every stage of life, and now it is time that her loving son is there for her in her time of need...she is the reason for my is time to be there for her.
I want to give the Democratic Party enough time to find a good consensus candidate to represent all that is best in the tradition of Tennessee Democrats. I will continue to be as active in local issues as time will allow.
I want to thank all those who have help out in my campaign and worked so hard to make the country a better place for their children and future generations. I look forward to working with all of you in the future to make our Country, State, and local communities better for all Americans.

Thank You

Brent Benedict